Oulipost #11: Univocalism

Birds with Fish

right in with his birds
wild birds
in which birding is his sight
singing in birds
this is his intrinsic birding,
in night

“I think,
bird thinks,
I with bird —

light —
fish —
light —
still in mind,


in big vivid bits
pink light
light in light

fish still

30 blind fish

fish wind light
in his film

fish minds light

in his

in his



Brotman, Barbara. “Bird-watching with an expert:  Author-illustrator turns trail guide for small band of enthusiasts”. Chicago Tribune. 11 April 2014: 4.

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The prompt:
A univocalic text is one written with a single vowel. It is consequently a lipogram in all the other vowels. If he had been univocally minded, Hamlet might have exclaimed, “Be? Never be? Perplexed quest: seek the secret!” All words used must be sourced from your newspaper.


9 thoughts on “Oulipost #11: Univocalism”

  1. Yes, this is super delicious! Very nice imagery “in big vivid bits” and “in his / kissing.” Mixing articles certainly allows for more variety. I usually use only one article in the interests of time. Thanks!

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