Oulipost #5: Tautogram

radioactive river!


(Rapid removal)


Reimburse regional remove,




Humans history.

Homo human has her human,
has half,
has — have — history.

Heretofore: history,
History: home.

Having her,
have hibernated hundreds,
has halfway,
have her–
her human history–
human history home.

Has hunting human,
(huge hinting)
Homo have harmony.



Sources (in order of appearance):
Hawthorne, Michael and Matthew Walberg. “$130M OK’d to clean up Chicago-area radioactive waste”. Chicago Tribune. 5 April 2014: 4.
Bentley, Chris. “A product of our own true nature:
‘The Sixth Extinction’ examines whether humans are causing the planet’s upheaval or are victims of their destiny”. Chicago Tribune. 5 April 2014: 13.

The prompt:
Compose a poem whose words — or at least the principal ones — all begin with the same letter. The words must be sourced from your newspaper.

One thought on “Oulipost #5: Tautogram”

  1. Love the title “Rise, radioactive river!” ‘H’ seems like it would be a hard one to do. I like what you did with it, especially that first line.

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