Oulipost #18: Homoconsonantism

Scent sits clean on hymen

and detain the entry
offer it to clean  home
on amber eyes,
and the needs meant
(loathe a month)
anemia of scenic true bliss.
mere algae around
sooth scant use.
tease in region,
and the theory.
(soft honey)
wrap aura
tuck anew
guide the teeth clean
so they —
carotid-clad —
ebbs foamy planetoid
noise aurora
we amoebas —
boatlike aethers —
enthuse atomic lily afield.
they heave aside
eyeing wild beneath coil.
arise upon us ably


Monte Morin.”Scientists clone human embryonic stem cells from 2 adults”. Chicago Tribune. 18 April 2014: 15.

The prompt:
Choose a sentence or short passage from your newspaper to complete a homoconsonantism. In this form, the sequence of consonants in a source text is kept, while all its vowels are replaced. For example:
ORIGINAL: To be or not to be: that is the question.
CONSONANTS ONLY: T b r n t t b t t s t h q s t n
FINAL PRODUCT: At burnt tibia: it heats the aqueous tone.


The passage I chose: “In addition, the entire effort to clone human embryos and then dismantle them in the name of science troubles some people on moral grounds.
The scientists in Oregon and the authors of the new report acknowledged that the clones they created could develop into babies if implanted in surrogate wombs. But like others in the stem cell field, they have said reproductive cloning would be unethical and irresponsible.”

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